Sunday, June 22, 2008

v7.20.0017 - 2008-06-22 17:19

  • + Menu Edit | Paste Special: Added command "Create Hard Link(s)".
    Creates a new file hard linked to the file currently on the
    clipboard (also works for more than one file at a time). Notes:
    (1) Hard links can only be created for files, not for folders.
    (2) All hard links to a file must be on the same volume (same
        drive letter or network share).
    (3) Hard links can only be created on NTFS volumes.
    (4) The maximum number of hard links that can be created is 1023
    per file.

    Some more reading stuff on Hard Links
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    Any directory entry for a file that is created with CreateFile or CreateHardLink is a hard link to an associated file. An additional hard link that is created with the CreateHardLink function allows you to have multiple directory entries for a file, that is, multiple hard links to the same file, which can be different names in the same directory, or the same or different names in different directories. However, all hard links to a file must be on the same volume.

    Because hard links are only directory entries for a file, many changes to that file are instantly visible to applications that access it through the hard links that reference it. However, the directory entry size and attribute information is updated only for the link through which the change was made.

    The security descriptor belongs to the file to which a hard link points. The link itself is only a directory entry, and does not have a security descriptor. Therefore, when you change the security descriptor of a hard link, you a change the security descriptor of the underlying file, and all hard links that point to the file allow the newly specified access. You cannot give a file different security descriptors on a per-hard-link basis.
  • * Menu Edit | Paste Special: Renamed command "Paste Shortcut(s)" to "Create Shortcut(s)". It's semantically better, and it better matches the other entry in that section ("Create Hard Link(s)").