Thursday, July 3, 2008

v7.30.0008 - 2008-07-03 18:17

  • * Scripting command altered and enhanced:
      - Delete
        Now, you can directly state the item(s) to be deleted in the
        new argument "itemlist". Also the arguments have been
        thoroughly changed.
        *** Revise any scripts that are using ***
        *** yesterday's version of delete! ***
        Syntax: delete [recycle=1], [confirm], [itemlist]
          recycle:  1 = [default] use Recycle Bin
                    0 = delete (no Recycle Bin)
          confirm:  1 = confirmation prompt
                    0 = no confirmation prompt
              [empty] = [default] user setting in configuration
          itemlist:  |-separated list of items (full path) to delete.
                        The | (pipe) resp. the items may be surrounded
                        by any number of blanks. Folders should not
                        have a trailing slash.
              [empty] = [default] current Tree or List selections are
                        deleted, depending on the focus.
                :tree = delete current tree selection
                :list = delete current list selection(s)

          ::delete 1, 0, ":list"
            send all selected list items to the Recycle Bin,
            no questions
          ::delete 0, 1, ":tree"
            delete the selected tree folder (NO Recycle Bin),
            ask before
          ::delete OR
          ::delete 1
            delete Tree or List items (depending on focus),
            use Recycle
            Bin, confirmation prompt depending on user settings
          ::delete 0, 0
            delete Tree or List items (depending on focus),
            NO Recycle Bin, NO questions
          ::delete 1, 1, "E:\TestFiles\Temp\droptest\resource.h |
            Delete those two files, use Recycle Bin, ask before