Tuesday, July 22, 2008

v7.30.0016 - 2008-07-22 16:56

  • + Menu View | Date Column Format: Added toggle "Show Weekday". If enabled the day part of the date is shown as the weekday name ("Monday, Tuesday ...") if the day lies within the last week. If it's today (yesterday) it is shown as "Today" ("Yesterday").
      - The option applies to all date formats except, of course,
        "ISO Week" and "Zodiac".
      - Like with all date formats, the setting is per List mode: you
        can e.g. show the weekdays in Search Results while having the
        normal Date format in Browse mode.
      - If Show Age is enabled then Show Weekday is ignored.
  • + Added two INI Tweaks that allow you to customize the terms for Today and Yesterday in file dates (see above "Show Weekday").
      ; Tweak: 'Today' in file dates
      ; Tweak: 'Yesterday' in file dates
    So, if you are using a Spanish Windows you might set it to:
  • * INI tweak PopupMenusAtSelection (in [Settings]) now defaults to 1 on a fresh install. Reason: It's expected Windows behavior. If you are upgrading nothing changes for you.
  • ! Menu Go | History: If you assigned a KS to that submenu and popped it via keyboard, the menu disregarded the setting of PopupMenusAtSelection, and it did not support UNICODE. Both fixed.
  • ! Menu User | Go To: Wrong icons for URLs. Fixed.
  • ! Catalog | Context Menu of Categories | Open Folders in Tabs: Would not open tabs pointing to drive roots, MyComputer, or Nethood. Fixed.
  • ! Menu Edit | Compare: The function did not correctly compare files larger than 80MB or so (the exact value depends on the available memory in a complex way): They always were reported as being identical in almost no time (which already should have made you suspicious hopefully!). Fixed. Bad bug actually, new official version will be published ASAP.
  • * Menu Edit | Compare: For comparisons of files larger 1 MB you now get a progress indication and a break chance by ESC.