Thursday, July 31, 2008

v7.40.0006 - 2008-07-31 23:10

  • + Catalog: Dbl-click on left 9 pixels opens Item Properties.
  • + Copy and Move operations: Added a safety check that ensures that the target location of such operations is ready for action. If it's not then you get the following message (example):
      The target location of the current Move operation does not exist
      or is not available:


      Continue anyway?
      Yes    No
    Pressing Yes is just for the ones who like to fail twice... ;)
  • * Paths specs: From now on you may use "/" instead of "\" in path specs. They will be internally converted. Allows you e.g. to paste a forward slashed path into the address bar and use it without manual editing.
  • + CKS Dialog | Options: Added command "Reset Unused Shortcuts To Defaults..." to the menu. Will assign those KS to their factory default function that are currently unused. Might come in handy when upgrading and new functions with default KS have been added.
    Also renamed the option "Reset All Shortcuts..." to "Reset All Shortcuts To Defaults..." to make it more distinct from "Remove all Shortcuts...".
  • * Menu Edit | Compare: Now you can also compare files of 2GB or larger. If you have the time... ;)
  • * Info Panel | Raw View: Now files > 2 GB can be raw viewed in Hex mode and Binary String Extraction, and in lightning-like speed! The only mini-drawback: you won't have multi-line-select with files > 2GB, but only single-line select.
    Note: Scrolling to any position other than beginning or end is a bit tricky with huge files. For example, a 6 GB file will have about 430,000,000 lines in Hex mode. If you have a high monitor you might be able to enlarge the Raw View area to a height of 1,000 pixels. Even then each pixel (and a pixel is obviously the smallest possible scroll unit) will correspond to 430,000 lines!! :)
  • * CKS: Removed Ctrl+Alt+Del from available shortcuts.
  • ! Rename Preview Window: Flexible width algo from v7.40.0003 was buggy. Fixed.