Wednesday, July 30, 2008

v7.40.0003 - 2008-07-30 12:33

  • * Rename Preview Window: Now the width of the window is adapted (within limits) to the width of the new names. Makes it easier to read overlong names without scrolling.
  • + Rename Special | Batch Rename. Added switch /i for "Increment On Collision". If you want to automatically avoid collisions with existing files, append a "/i" to your pattern!
      I have these files, both modified on 2008-07-29:
      If I now apply the pattern *-<datem yyyymmdd> to hilite.png,
      renaming is not possible because of collision with the already
      existing hilite-20080729.png.
      However, if I use the pattern *-<datem yyyymmdd>/i the file
      will be renamed to hilite-20080729-01.png (or hilite-20080729
      -02.png if hilite-20080729-01.png exists, etc). The format of the
      number suffix is determined by the setting in Postfix Number in
      Configuration | Report.
    Note that some patterns avoid collisions anyway by default, so appending the switch is not necessary here (but harmless):
      - patterns with explicit increment, e.g. "New-<#01>"
      - simple patterns, e.g. "New"
    Note that pattern switches can be combined in any order: If you need to change the extension (/e) AND want to increment on collision (/i) then simply append /ei or /ie.
  • + Configuration Report: Added field "Replaces invalid characters in dropped messages". Here you can state a character that will be used to replace characters that are invalid in filenames (e.g. :?\/*).
    For example if you set it to ~ then the email subject
      Re: Verifying whether a CD/DVD is a true copy?
    will be renamed to
      Re~ Verifying whether a CD~DVD is a true copy~
    to function within a filename.
  • ! Tabs: "Flexible width for named tabs" did not work for the right-most tab. Fixed.