Thursday, July 24, 2008

v7.30.0024 - 2008-07-24 22:26

  • + Menu File | Move/Copy/Backup To: Added a command to open the internal Move/Copy/Backup To dialog to each of the submenus. It duplicates the commands in menu Edit for the sake of usability. Note: Redundancy is good unless it's bad.
  • * Now the variables <curitem> <curext> <curbase> <curtitle> <curname> <curver> refer to the List item that's both focused & selected, *independent* of it being displayed on the Info Panel (IP). Before, the variable was set to nothing if the IP was empty. Now, it's set to nothing if there is no List item that's both focused & selected.
    FYI, there are various ways to have a List item both focused & selected without having it displayed on the IP, for example by drag-selecting it with the mouse.
  • * Variable <focitem> now returns
      - if Tree is focused: current path
      - else: currently focused file in List (whether selected or not)
    Before, it only returned currently focused file in List when the List had focus.
  • * Raw View Tab: Experimentally added the Raw View control to the tab order. Now, when a file is being raw-viewed and you press TAB, the focus will cycle in the order Tree, List, Raw View, Address Bar, Catalog, [any enabled checkboxes on the tab].
  • ! Tabs: If "Flexible width for named tabs" was active, and you created a new tab while being on a named (= flexible width) tab, the new tab inherited the width of the old tab although not being named. Fixed.