Tuesday, April 20, 2010

v9.00.0021 - 2010-04-20 13:37

BETA versions are now only available for registered users.
Find the download link at the bottom of the License Lounge.

  • + New variable <get xycopy_pending>. Returns the number of file operations to be handled in the background (by XYcopy) that are not yet completed. As always, SC getinfo supports the same argument:
      echo getinfo("xycopy_pending");
  • + Added tweak to control which types of file operations are backgrounded if Background Processing is enabled. The new key BackgroundedFileOps is a binary flag, an OR-ing (which is here equivalent to adding the desired values) of the following values:
       1 [ ] Backup (currently unused; has yet to be coded)
       2 [x] Copy
       4 [x] Cross-volume move
       8 [x] Intra-volume move (always parallel = not queued!)
      16 [ ] Delete            (always parallel = not queued!)
    The default value is 14 (2+4+8), so from now on Delete operations are by factory default not backgrounded:
    Later Backup will be added to the default operations.
    Note that the tooltip of "Enable Background Processing" in Configuration | File Operations tells you about the current setting.
  • + Scripting commands enhanced:
      - setting, settingp
        New named argument "backgroundfileops"
          0 = Disable background processing of file operations
          1 = Enable background processing of file operations
          ::setting "backgroundfileops", 1;
  • + Status View: The position and size of the window is now stored between calls and sessions.