Wednesday, April 28, 2010

v9.00.0206 - 2010-04-28 15:46

BETA versions are now only available for registered users.
Find the download link at the bottom of the License Lounge.

  • + Configuration | Thumbnails | Mouse Down Blow Up: Now you can configure which mouse button triggers MDBU.
    - On left mouse down (popup stays up until button is released)
    - On right mouse down (popup stays up until clicked, or ESC)
    The new factory default is: On left mouse down.
  • * Menu File Preview: Simpler logics, analog to Edit Find Files.
      IF preview tab is visible
        close any preview
        close Info Panel
        show preview tab
        if Info Panel is hidden
          show Info Panel
        if a file is selected
          start preview
  • + Background Jobs: Now there's a "Details..." item in each job's context menu, where you can view the list of the job's source files. Also, if a job has only one source item, its name is shown right in the list instead of just "1 item".
  • + Background Jobs: Now you can skip pending jobs via the job's context menu ("Skip Job"). The job will not be started as long as it is skipped.
    You can unskip a job at any point in time.
    - If jobs are in progress while you unskip a job then it will be
      started whenever it turn comes.
    - If all jobs are completed and only skipped jobs are left in the
      list then you are prompted whether to start the job now. On OK
      the job is immediately started. On Cancel the job will be
      started whenever you initiate the next background job; this is
      because always the whole job list is scanned for jobs that need
      to be completed, and the unskipped job will be started before
      the job you just initiated because it comes earlier in
      the list.
  • * Background Jobs: Slightly changed the wording so that all completed jobs have "Completed" as the first word (regardless of their success), and any info about Cancelling at the end of the line. Also now there is only one icon for cancelled jobs, be they fully or partially cancelled, or failed. The return data of the shell function just don't give that detail of information reliably.
  • + Background Jobs: Now you can completely pause the processing using the new checkbox "Pause processing". Jobs that are already in progress are not affected by pausing. On unpause the processing starts with the next non-completed job.
    The setting is also available in the context menu of the Background Bar.
    Pausing affects all pending jobs, be they queued or parallel.
    When you close XYplorer all pending jobs are forgotten.
  • * Background Processing: Now the "File operation progress dialog modeless" setting (as is in the moment a job is initiated by the user) is respected by XYcopy (1.00.0024). Under XP enabling this setting allows you to have the progress dialog of background processes shown in the taskbar. Under Vista/7
    it is shown in the taskbar always regardless of the setting.
  • ! Configuration | File Operations | File operation progress dialog modeless: Setting was not saved after OKing Configuration. Fixed.
  • ! Tree: When the tree was locked, folders created from within external applications were not shown in XYplorer's locked tree until a refresh was initiated. Fixed.