Monday, April 26, 2010

v9.00.0204 - 2010-04-26 12:00

BETA versions are now only available for registered users.
Find the download link at the bottom of the License Lounge.

  • + Menu Window: Added toggle "Show Background Bar" to show the Background Bar (see next paragraph). Factory default is hidden.
  • + Added a new GUI element, the "Background Bar", a mini toolbar at the right end of the Statusbar containing a single button which tells you about the status of background jobs (if any) by showing an animated icon. If the animation in active the button's tooltip tells you how many jobs are not yet completed (either in progress or pending). Clicking the button will open the Background Jobs window. The button also has a right-click menu with some handy commands.
  • + Portable Openwith Menu (POM): Now also the OS-associated app for opening *folders* is listed in the POM when the POM is opened on a folder. So you now have a quick (no-shell) way to determine which is your default file manager, and use it on a drive or folder. The item is not bold in the menu because the default opener of folders within XYplorer is hardcoded to be XYplorer itself, of course.
  • * Menu File | Open...: Changed text "Enter item to open." to "Enter file to open." to make clear that this is predominantly about files (documents). Folders work, executables work, but the interface is mainly meant to quickly open a recently opened document again.
  • * Menu Tools | List Management: Renamed command "Recently Opened Items" to "Recently Opened Files".
  • * Recently Opened Files MRU: Now single files (not folders) opened thru the List by Enter/Dbl-Click or via the POM are automatically added to the MRU (and thus made available in the new Open dialog.
    Files opened via scripts, or UDC, or Catalog, or shell context menu, or within a group of files (i.e. non-single), or other means are not auto-added.
  • - Undid the following change from v8.80.0314 - 2010-02-19 14:48:
      * List: In "List" view clicking an item in a cropped
        column does not scroll that column into view anymore.
    Reason: This was XP behavior but Vista/W7 do auto-scroll here so user expectation will move towards scrolling.
    There's a new tweak if you still want the old XP behavior:
  • ! Find Files: Numeric name filter types "len" and "lent" were internally treated as string parts when used without comparison operator and without quotes.
    E.g. 'lent:10' would also match length 107 because "*10*" matches "107". You had to do 'lent:"10"' to work around this. This is fixed now:
      - Find all items whose title is exactly 10 characters
        long. Both work identically:
      - Find all items whose title length contains "10":
  • ! Address Bar: DOS commands (!...) were not added to MRU. Fixed.
  • ! Background Jobs: Loading the window again while previous instance of it was still visible lead to graphical surprises. Fixed. Now the previous window is foregrounded.
  • ! Toolbar: Could crash when you used all available buttons plus some separators. Fixed.
  • * Toolbar: Separators 2 pixels narrower and a bit lighter.
  • * Action Log: Now 2 lines per entry.