Tuesday, April 27, 2010

v9.00.0205 - 2010-04-27 14:19

BETA versions are now only available for registered users.
Find the download link at the bottom of the License Lounge.

  • * Configuration | Startup & Exit | Don't save tabs: Now with this setting enabled also the last paths of each pane are forgotten and on next start will be initialized to MyComputer. If you want to forget the tabs but keep the last paths of each pane use this new tweak:
  • * Menu File | Open...: Not preset to the currently selected item anymore but always to the last opened item.
  • * Info Panel: New default style making away with the old-school 3D-lines. Those of you who don't like it got a tweak:
        new style = 0
        old style = 1
  • * Info Panel Splitter: Now a bit darker than before, giving a very subtle hint about its existence.
  • * GUI: Now the checkboxes use in some lists are actually drawn from the current visual theme. Before they had been hardcoded to XP style. This has no effect on "Windows Classic Design".
  • * Action Log, Background Jobs: Now copying the list contents will generate one line per item. The inner-item line feeds are replaced by TABs.
  • * Configuration File Operations: Added button "Apply to..." where you can configure which file operations are backgrounded. This has previously been a tweak (BackgroundedFileOps).
  • * Background Processing: I now think that the factory default for backgrounded file operations should NOT include intra-volume moves. Backup will soon be added so this should already be included. So the new default is:
       1 [x] Backup (currently unused; has yet to be coded)
       2 [x] Copy
       4 [x] Cross-volume move
       8 [ ] Intra-volume move (always parallel = not queued!)
      16 [ ] Delete (always parallel = not queued!)
    The default value is 7 (1+2+4):
    This will not affect your configuration when you upgrade.
  • * DOS command syntax: Reversed the prefixes. Now the DOS box will stay alive when you use a single "!", and it will auto-vanish when you use a double "!!".
      !     = simply open DOS box without any action
      !dir  = directory listing of current list folder
              DOS box stays visible
      !!dir = directory listing of current list folder
              DOS box will vanish immediately, not very useful here
  • + Background Jobs: New checkbox "Hide completed" allows you to show only pending jobs in the list.
  • * Background Bar: Tooltips now are "transparent", i.e. they do not vanish by mouse touch. This is useful when XY is maximized and (depending on the Windows version) tooltips are positioned right "under" the mouse because no space below the mouse.
  • * Action Log: Now when "Date format in action labels" is set to "No date" this setting is ignored in the Action Log window (but respected in related Toolbar button tooltips and dropdowns). Otherwise the 2-line layout breaks.
  • ! Tree: DnDing folders into other folders in Special Folders didn't refresh the tree properly to reflect nested folders. Fixed.