Friday, April 23, 2010

v9.00.0202 - 2010-04-23 12:05

BETA versions are now only available for registered users.
Find the download link at the bottom of the License Lounge.

  • +++ Menu File: Added command "Open...". Here you can enter, paste, or select an item (file, folder, drive) to open, without the need to go there first. Recently opened items are stored in a MRU list that is saved between sessions.
    In the input dialog you can choose between "Open" which will open the item using the default application (taking XY's portable associations into account), and "Open with..." (Ctrl+Enter) which will pop the Portable Openwith Menu (POM) for the item you have entered.
    Default keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+O. Now you know what I saved this combo for... :)

    - Special paths are supported, e.g. "Desktop/stuff.txt".
    - Portable/relative paths are supported.
    - Environment variables are supported.
    - The MRU list holds a maximum of 64 items.
    - The POM will not show any scripts but just real applications.
    - The POM will pop at the mouse cursor.
  • * Input dialogs with dropdown and a third button besides OK and Cancel (e.g. Batch Rename..., Open...): Now, when the dropdown is dropped pressing Enter does not OK the dialog at the same time but just close the dropdown.
  • + Find Files: Now you can search by the length of the file title (that's the document name without the path).
    Simply prefix "lent:" to the search term in the Name field.
    - Find all items whose title is exactly 10 characters long:
    - Find all items whose title is 3 characters long or shorter:
      lent: <= 3
    - Find all items with a long file name (> 12 characters):
      lent: > 12
  • + Catalog | Properties: Now the Location field has a Browse button accompanying it.
  • * Renamed "View Status..." to "Background Jobs...".
  • * Menu Edit | Compare: Renamed "Compare Current File With File On Clipboard" to "Compare Current File with File in Clipboard" because "in" seems to be the more usual choice.
  • * Configuration | Startup & Exit. From now "Allow multiple instances" is ON by factory default. Reason: It seems that the majority of users expect this behavior, and WE has it as well.
  • ! Drop messages from Outlook: There was no check for overlong filenames, which could potentially confuse the Shell and lead to nonsense overwrite prompts. Fixed: Now dropped message filenames are cropped if necessary to stay below a length of 260 chars (which of course depends on the target path: the shorter the target path, the longer can be your message filenames).
  • ! Background Jobs: Preselected item was not scrolled into view since recently. Fixed.