Tuesday, July 6, 2010

v9.20.0201 - 2010-07-06 11:31

Note: BETA versions are a work in progress and might contain fresh bugs.
You have been warned.

  • * Changed the predefined Portable File Association coming to your home with a virgin run to this one:
      |"Copy file size in bytes" *>::copytext <cursize>
  • * Folder Sizes: Now when you turn on Show Folder Sizes then the folder sizes are only calculated for the visible pane(s). Before, they would be also calculated for an invisible background pane, which lead to not immediately understandable delays.
  • ! Under certain conditions the current file on the back pane was not updated correctly internally which surfaced as the need to focus the pane before a dbl-click would open the file. Fixed.
  • ! List: List styles were applied globally also across list modes (e.g. pane 1 shows drives, pane 2 shows folder contents). Fixed:
    Now list styles are applied only to lists / tabs with the same mode as the current list.
  • ! List: When moving between different list modes (e.g. Recycle Bin and a normal folder listing) using the history (Back, Forward) the sort order got confused uder certain conditions. Fixed.