Friday, July 30, 2010

v9.30.0024 - 2010-07-30 18:43

Note: BETA versions are a work in progress and might contain fresh bugs.
You have been warned.

  • + Tree: Now a tree with a horizontal scrollbar auto-scrolls into view when you drag-hover the left or right margins, aka Hot Scrolling.
  • * SC replacelist enhanced. Now if you state only one replace unit, all items in the search list are replaced with that one unit. Removal of items is just a subcase of the rule (replace all items in search list with nothing).
      ::text replacelist("Taxi", "ai", ""); //Tx
      ::text replacelist("Taxi", "ai", "u"); //Tuxu
      ::text replacelist("Taxi", "a,i", "ou", ","); //Touxou
  • * List | Inline Rename. Now it's a three-step circle when you repeatedly press F2 on a filename with extension.
      1) select, extension excluded
      2) select, extension included
      3) unselect, caret to end
    With Configuration | General | Exclude extension on rename ON the circle starts at 1), else at 2).
  • + Tweak to preview audio files in an alternative manner. This might help if XYplorer does not play MIDI files using the factory defaults:
  • + Mini Tree: Non-existing drives or folders now can be removed via context menu ("Hide Folder from Mini Tree").