Saturday, July 24, 2010

v9.30.0012 - 2010-07-24 17:03

Note: BETA versions are a work in progress and might contain fresh bugs.
You have been warned.

  • ~~~ Tabs: Heavy rewriting of the code base became necessary to make portable tabs really shine. You should note nothing of it if all worked out.
    Whatever, it's a good day to make a backup of your app data!!!
  • + Portable tabs: Now when you move within the portable branch the location is kept portable (i.e. the variable part is not resolved). So, you can have a tab pointing to say "%temp%" (and optionally apply a Locked Home Zone to it) and move around within the %temp% branch without losing the portability of the tab.
    Tip: To point a tab to app path in a portable way simply enter nothing in Relocate Tab... -- an alternative to <xypath>.
  • + Portable Home: Menu View | Current Tab | Set Home, Go Home, and Lock Home Zone now also support portable locations. So you can e.g. set the Home to "%temp%" if the current tab is pointing to "%temp%".
  • * SC seltab: Now supports negative indices to point to tabs from the right end, for example:
      seltab;    //select the default tab (if any, else do nothing)
      seltab 1;  //select left most tab
      seltab 0;  //select current tab (reverts to tab's saved settings)
      seltab -1; //select right most tab
  • * SC tab: From now on the index is 1-based, i.e. the first tab has index 1! This is analog to SC seltab. Index 0 can be used to refer to the current tab.
      tab("lock");       //lock toggle current tab
      tab("lock", , 0);  //lock toggle current tab
      tab("lock", , 1);  //lock toggle first tab
      tab("lock", , -1); //lock toggle last tab
  • + SC tab enhanced: New operation "sethome". Sets a Home path to the current or any other tab.
      tab("sethome", '%temp%'); //set home %temp% to current tab
      tab("sethome"); //remove any home from current tab
      tab("sethome", '%temp%', 6); //set home %temp% to tab 6
    Note: If you set the home of a non-current tab then all relevant list settings of the *current* tab are used for the home definition of that other tab.
    Remark: The tab("sethome") operation is currently the only way to *remove* a home from any tab.
  • + New variable: <curtab> = location spec of the current tab.
      text <curtab>;  // %userprofile%
      text <curpath>; // C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\Donald