Tuesday, July 20, 2010

v9.30.0004 - 2010-07-20 21:45

Note: BETA versions are a work in progress and might contain fresh bugs.
You have been warned.

  • + Added a tweak to retain the list settings (sort order, columns, style, view) across tabs (= on tab switch).
    Note that the list settings will not spread across the panes, just across the tabs of each pane. Neither will they spread across different list modes, so e.g. a Search Results tab (list is in Find mode) will not be affected when you change the list settings (say the sort order) in a tab in normal Browse mode.
  • + Added a tweak to reverse history numbering.
    Set to 1 to show the oldest item as number one.
  • + Logging To File: New event and new IDs:
      eLTFBackgroundJobAdded = 1
      eLTFBackgroundJobTriggered = 2
    To log both:
      ::logtofile 3;