Thursday, November 1, 2007

v6.40.0035 - 2007-11-01 14:37

  • + List: Now when in rename mode, pressing the Tab key will apply the changes and immediately open the rename box for the next item in List. Shift+Tab will do the same for the previous item in the List. The function wraps around the upper and lower ends of the list.
  • * Toolbar: all left-click triggered popup menus now popup *below* the clicked button, which looks good and allows you to close them with a second click on the same spot. Before, they opened exactly at mouse cursor position.
  • ! Lost registration data in XYplorer.ini when the LastIni key looked like this:
    instead of
    And it's easy to make it look like this. Simply run:
      XYplorer.exe /ini=xyplorer
    Fixed: INI file name capitalization is now internally ignored.