Friday, November 16, 2007

v6.50.0020 - 2007-11-16 12:38

  • + UDC dialog: added button "Assign Keyboard Shortcut...". Gives you direct access to all currently free shortcuts. I kept things as simple as possible:
      - This new KS selection method will replace any existing KS with the new KS. It will not accumulate multiple KSs.
      - To remove any existing KS press OK without any selection in the Free KS list. Unselect a list item: Ctrl+Click or Ctrl+Space.
      - You do not have to press "Apply" to apply the new KS. Saves a click.
  • + UDC dialog: replace the "Info" icon by an Tips button. Reason: have it keyboard accessible. Also changed the browse button from "..." to "Browse" to make it reachable by accelerator.
  • + Menu Edit | Move/Copy/Backup To: now, environment variables (e.g. %TMP% for temp path) are allowed within the destination field.
  • + UDC: now, environment variables are allowed within the argument field for Open, Open With, and Move/Copy/Backup To actions.
  • + CKS dialog: added button "Free Shortcuts...". You thought you run out of free shortcuts? Here are some ideas. Scroll and dbl-click for a fast alternative way to assign a new shortcut to a function.
  • * CKS dialog: reorganized various interface elements. I removed the lonesome "Options" menu /that was easily overlooked) and replaced it by a new "Options..." button which also now contains the "Remove..." and "Reset..." functions.
    Tip: Right-click the "Options..." button to pop the menu on button down and select any menu command by right-button up.
  • + Configuration | Tabs: added two more options to "On dbl-click":
      - Go Home
      - Go Up