Wednesday, November 28, 2007

v6.60.0036 - 2007-11-28 11:43

  • +++ Added enhanced support for hidden shares. Up to now, only one type of hidden shares was supported, the so-called "administrative shares" or "admin shares". Admin shares are identified by a dollar sign ($) at the end of the share name. From now on, also hidden shares without the trailing dollar sign ($) are supported. Generally, hidden shares are not listed when browsing the network. However, you can enter a path on a hidden share in the Address Bar (or the "Go to" dialog, Catalog, Favorites), and it will be added to the tree node of respective server on the fly and be browsable.
  • + New INI Tweak: now you can optionally show all hidden shares automatically in the folder tree (without having to enter them through the Address Bar). In the INI you'll find a new key:
    Set it to 1 to always show all hidden shares.