Saturday, November 10, 2007

v6.50.0005 - 2007-11-10 13:05

  • + Catalog: more power for you, more options in the Item Properties dialog.
    (1) Now you have one more "OnClick"-action, namely "Open Selected Item(s) With", including a new icon overlay (slightly different from the "Open" overlay).
    (2) If this currently edited catalog item is an application used to open multiple files with, you can now decide whether the application will be opened single or multiple instance. This, of course, only controls how the application is called by XYplorer. Whether it actually can and does open in single or multiple instance depends on the nature and configuration of the called application.
  • + Catalog: better support for parameters in items pointing to applications. The following, for example, will work now as "Destination" of an item on Ctrl+Shift+Click and on Drag'n'drop:
      "winzip32" -a UDCmade-<dyyyymmdd-hhnnss>.zip <items>
    Note that the quotes are mandatory!
  • + UDC | Rename: added Search and Replace pattern mode.
  • + Find Files tab | Date | "between" & "and/add" fields: improved entering dates. When the fields are empty:
      key arrow up: set to today
      key arrow down: set to yesterday
      key arrow up: scroll days up
      key arrow down: scroll days down
      key arrow up + SHIFT: scroll months up
      key arrow down + SHIFT: scroll months down