Friday, November 9, 2007

v6.50.0004 - 2007-11-09 14:14

  • + Menu Tools | List Management | File Associations: now you can refer to the opening app by simply stating the basename of the EXE if you can assume it is a registered application.
    Both will work the same, but the first has a big advantage in portability: you don't need to know the path to Winzip32.exe on the host computer! The registry will find it for you.
    Tip: Double-check the basename of the EXE, some are named unexpectedly. This for example would open a *.zip with 7-zip:
  • * Now icons for apps referred to by just their basename (see above) are correctly displayed in Catalog and File associations.
  • + UDC: now the UDC categories have hard-coded scopes (the focus zones where they can be triggered by keyboard shortcuts).
      Go to: Global
      Open: Global
      Open With: List
      Move To: Tree, List
      Copy To: Tree, List, Catalog
      Backup To: Tree, List, Catalog
      Rename: List
  • * UDC | Open With: now the command will work also if no items are selected. In that case the app will be started without any items in the command line, resp. with the variable set to "" (empty string).
  • + UDC: after action you get a feedback in the statusbar "UDC performed: (action verb)". Hmmm... not sure if I like it...