Sunday, November 11, 2007

v6.50.0007 - 2007-11-11 15:46 - *** Cologne Carnival Edition ***

  • + UDC | Rename: added Keep Particular Characters pattern mode.
  • + UDC | Rename: added Set Extension pattern mode.
  • + Catalog: now, when dragging files over items pointing to application, the form of cursor will tell you whether a single or multiple instances of the app will be opened. Further, holding CTRL will invert this property for this drop job.
  • * Menu Tools: added item "Customize File Associations...". It's just an alternative way to the somewhat hidden Menu Tools | List Management | File Associations. XY's Portable File Associations constitute a very powerful functionality that deserves a more prominent place in the menus.
  • * UDC statusbar message now is set *before* the action proper is triggered. So you now already what's happening before it is all over. A " ..." is attached to signal "it's in progress". The statusbar message is also updated *after* the action, now with any suffix. Note that this final message is also given when
    no operation actually happened (because the user canceled the process, or it was illegal for some reason). It just means the UDC has been triggered and it returned from the job.
  • ! UDC statusbar message was hard-coded to "Rename". Fixed.