Thursday, May 7, 2009

v7.90.0254 - 2009-05-07 11:40

  • +++ Added basic support for overlong filenames (>= 260) chars.
    The Windows Shell does not allow overlong filenames and Shell functions (e.g. Copying, Moving) will fail with items having overlong filenames. However, it is possible to create items with overlong filenames under Windows, and with Explorer you are stuck when meeting such item: You cannot delete, rename, or move it! Consequently, also XYplorer will fail wherever it uses Shell functions.
    Now, however, there are a couple of XYplorer commands that work independently of the Shell and do support overlong filenames up to the limit set by NTFS (approx. 32767 chars):
    - Properties (Info Panel)
    - Raw View (Info Panel)
    - readfile, writefile (Scripting commands)
    - Quick File View (menu File)
    - Inline Rename (Tree and List)
    - Rename Special (menu File)
    - Swap Names (menu File)
    - Delete (No Recycler!): If you select exactly one file or folder,
      then -- after the Shell failed -- you are prompted to delete the
      item terminally. Note that only *empty* folders can be deleted
      this way.
    - All "Copy Here..." commands (menu File), BUT only for files, not
      for folders.
    - All Backup operations
  • * Nethood: When enumerating servers, now the retrieved server names are stripped of any embedded comments (which appears to be necessary in some systems). A comment is recognized by a space followed by an opening parenthesis.
      "\\server (comment)" --> "\\server"