Wednesday, May 13, 2009

v7.90.0264 - 2009-05-13 13:04

  • *** DP Phase 1. Now the Tabs are only as wide as the List, and the navigation pane (Tree/Catalog) touches the top bars (Address Bar, Toolbar).
  • * Menu Window | Layout: Completely changed the commands:
    - [Address Bar & Toolbar] (one row)
    - [Toolbar & Address Bar] (one row)
    - [Address Bar] [Toolbar] (two rows)
    - [Toolbar] [Address Bar] (two rows)
  • + Scripting got a new function.
    Name:   exists
    Action: Checks whether a file or directory exists.
    Syntax: exists(item)
      item: full path (local or UNC) to a file system item.
      return: 0 = does not exist
              1 = exists (file)
              2 = exists (folder; drive; share; server)
      ::echo exists("C:\*.bat"); //0 - wildcards are NOT recognized
      ::echo exists("C:\autoexec.bat"); //1
      ::echo exists("C:"); //2
      ::echo exists("C:\"); //2
      ::echo exists("C:\Windows"); //2
      ::echo exists("C:\Windows\"); //2

      The API function used to determine the existence and nature of
      the item is inherently tolerant with trailing spaces, and it
      resolves relative syntax (\..\.. etc) before doing the check.
      This was not my choice but there's no way to turn it off.
      Some of those special cases:
      ::echo exists("C:\autoexec.bat "); //1
      ::echo exists("C:\autoexec.bat\.."); //2 (!)
      ::echo exists("XYplorer.exe"); //1 (!)
      ::echo exists("appdata"); //2 (!) - if folder "appdata" is below
                                          the current path (= xypath)