Friday, May 29, 2009

v7.90.0400 - 2009-05-29 16:08

  • +++ Dual Pane. Find the toggle in menu Window (default KS: F10). There's also a new toolbar button with a little context menu where you have some further layout/behavior options that are currently not available elsewhere.
    Things yet to add: Breadcrumbs (also providing a better way to mark the active pane), and a couple of useful DP commands ("Copy from A to B" etc)...
  • + Tip: Dbl-click the splitter between the panes to center it.
  • * Window Resizing: Now, you can shrink the window to the absolute minimum allowed under Windows. Before, the height was limited so that the Info Panel was always fully visible.
  • % Despite adding a second list pane startup faster got faster once more. Did some cleaning and learned a new trick.
  • * Splitters: New more-standard cursor when hovering them.
  • * Tweak to increase the width of the various splitters. Many apps use 4 pixel wide splitters whereas XYplorer always had only 3 pixels...
      SplitterWidth=[3-6] (default=3)
  • * Catalog: Now the mouse cursor changes to "minus" when you drag-move a Catalog item to a new position, and to "plus" when you drag-copy an item (by holding CTRL).
  • * Save Settings operation now with hourglass cursor and Statusbar message.
  • + Drag'n'Drop now supports the new *.zipx extension. See
  • * List | Tags: Now in non-Details views always the "Name column" tag coloring style is applied (unless user opted for "No Coloring". Before, you could see your tags in "List" view only if you selected the "Whole Row" style.
  • * History: From now on, if "Don't save history" is ticked then also the Mini Tree is not saved. On next startup, the Mini Tree defaults to the Favorite MiniTree (if there is any defined).
  • * Catalog: Now, the setting for "Use generic icons for superfast browsing" (Configuration Advanced) also applies to the Catalog icons.
  • ! Thumbnails from PSD files were not retrieved reliably. Fixed.
  • ! Tabs: Captions with just a drive (e.g. C:\) would not be displayed when the tab header was below a certain width. This was due to some weird smartness (aka bug) of the used drawing API. Fixed.
  • ! Info Panel: With a bit of luck you could use the drop-down lists even when the panel was closed. Fixed.
  • ! List: Serial Rename did not work when only List controls are visible. Fixed.
  • - Removed this tweak (from v7.90.0255 - 2009-05-08 08:50):
    Reason: Didn't bring any improvement.
  • - Removed this tweak:
    Now search on startup will not happen by default. But contrary to the earlier way, now you don't lose your find settings but can start the last search with a single click (also: Dbl-click anywhere the message field, or press F3 (Find Now)).