Saturday, May 16, 2009

v7.90.0302 - 2009-05-16 17:54

!!! Radical changes in this BETA !!! Backup your current XYplorer folder with all contents before running it !!!

  • + SC getinfo got a new named argument "sort".
      Syntax: getinfo("sort")
        return: Sorted column name and order.
        echo getinfo("sort");
        Sample returns:
        -> "Name,a"     //Name, ascending
        -> "Name,d"     //Name, descending
        -> "Modified,d" //Modified, descending
        -> "Random"     //Random Order
        -> "Unsorted"   //Unsorted
      Using getinfo("sort") you can easily build a sort order toggle,
      for example:
        // toggle sortorder between "Name,a" and "Modified,d"
          if (getinfo("sort") == "Name,a") {
            sortby "Modified", "d";
          } else {
            sortby "Name", "a";
  • + Tweak: Now you can browse the network with the broadest possible "catch them all" mask.
  • + Menu File | Settings: Made an attempt to register all changes in data that are not yet saved to disk. In the menu you now see an asterisk (*) prefixed to all dirty configurations. Note that my registering is not yet complete, especially with regard to the INI file, where are millions of places where data can be changed...
  • + Toolbar | Save Settings: Now the button icon is green as long as there is no registered change. It turns brown once there are changes that need to be saved if you want to keep them across sessions. The button's tooltip shows the number of registered changes.
  • * List: When inline-renaming PDFs or DOCs any preview is now closed even before the rename box is shown (not just before the actual rename). This is an attempt to fix issues with locked documents.
  • ! Tabs: When cloning the "Search Results" tab (or any finding tab), the cloned tab would not have the "Find" icon. Fixed.
  • ! Tabs: Under certain circumstances, when selecting a finding tab other than the "Search Results" tab, the "Search Results" would be selected or even auto-created if not existing. Fixed.