Saturday, May 9, 2009

v7.90.0256 - 2009-05-09 11:51

  • + Now image preview and thumbnails also work for overlong filenames.
  • ! Scripting: Parsing error when "else" was directly followed by "{", as in:
  • * Scripting: Function Report() is now also implemented for "Network" mode (list of servers and comments).
  • + SC Report(): Added special field {Fullpath}.
      - Field is set to the full path of the item.
      - The returned path has no backslash.
      - In Find mode, the return is identical to the field {Path}.
      - In Drives mode, "MyComputer" (or so) is returned.
      - In Network mode, "My Network Places" (or so) is returned.
      ::echo report("{fullpath}", 1); //shows selected items' paths
  • ! SC Report(): Field {Path} returned a slashed path under certain conditions. Fixed: Now it always returns an unslashed path.
  • + New variable: <curitempath> = unslashed path of currently selected and focused list item. Especially useful in Search Results with subfolders included, because then it differs from the variable <curpath>. Example:
      ::echo "<curitempath>";