Friday, May 15, 2009

v7.90.0301 - 2009-05-15 14:42

!!! Radical changes in this BETA !!! Backup your current XYplorer folder with all contents before running it !!!

  • + Scripting got a new command.
      Name:   CopyItem
      Action: Creates a copy of a file or folder (with all
      Syntax: copyitem [item], [copy]
        item: [optional] full path/name of the item to copy
              if missing defaults to current item
              can be relative to current path
        copy: [optional] full path/name of the copy to create
              if missing defaults to current item plus an
              automatic number suffix
              can be relative to current path
              can contain * to stand for the base of item
              can contain ? to stand for the extension of item
        // if the current item is "blah.txt" then this will
        // create "blah-01.txt" in the current folder:
        // duplicates blah.txt as blub.txt in another location:
        copyitem "C:\Temp\blah.txt", "D:\blub.txt";
        // will create folder new\ if necessary:
        copyitem "C:\Temp\blah.txt", "D:\new\blub.txt";
        // duplicates blah.txt in the current path as
        // blah-copy.txt:
        copyitem "C:\Temp\blah.txt", "*-copy.?";
        // backup XY data folder to [e.g.] ..appdata_backup_20090515:
        copyitem "<xydata>", "<xydata>_backup_<date yyyymmdd>";
        // duplicates folder "C:\Temp" with all its contents as
        // "C:\Temp-01":
        copyitem "C:\Temp";
      - The command uses the shell copy engine for the job.
        Hence you get the usual prompts about overwriting and
        no support for overlong filenames.
      - Any non-existing folders in the target are silently
        created without asking you politely for your approval.
      - Note the difference to the command "CopyTo": In CopyTo
        the "location" argument is the destination where the
        source is copied to. In CopyItem the "copy" argument
        is the name of the copy itself.
      - You cannot pass a drive, server, or share, as argument.
      - Trailing slashes for folders are optional.
      - The "copyitem" command partly overlaps functionally
        with the "new" command when you pass a source argument
        to the latter. However, "copyitem" is straighter to
        use for the job and has additional powers (e.g. using
        wildcards * and ?). Also, "new" will never overwrite
        an existing file or folder whereas "copyitem" will
        (unless you omit the "copy" argument).
  • + New variable: <xypane> = XYplorer active pane data path (unslashed).
  • + Configuration | Startup & Exit: Added option "Keep pane data private". Check it if you don't want share history and tab data with other configurations. Changing this option will have an effect only after a restart.
  • * Configuration | Startup & Exit: Renamed "Cache network servers between sessions" to "Cache network servers" to gain a little space.
  • ! When migrating INI files other than XYplorer.ini to the new data layout (Panes folder), shared pane data were overwritten by data of those INI files. Fixed. Now those INIs by default keep their pane data (history and tabs) private. You can change this setting in configuration to make them share the data with XYplorer.ini.
  • ! Rename Special: Folders with dots in the name were incorrectly treated as having extensions. Fixed.