Sunday, May 2, 2010

v9.00.0210 - 2010-05-02 16:08

BETA versions are now only available for registered users.
Find the download link at the bottom of the License Lounge.

  • +++ Find By Type: Added a little dropdown to the Find Files tab under Name & Location, where you can select a general file type to narrow down the search results to only that type of files. The available file types exactly correspond to the lists under Configuration | Previewed Formats, and are listed on the Find Files under the following captions:
      - All types (= no type filtering at all)
      - Text files
      - Web/Office files
      - Font files
      - Image files
      - Media files
    So, to make that clear: "Type" here is not the same as the "Type" column in Details view.

    - Any extensions excluded from Preview in Configuration
      Previewed Formats are nevertheless used by the find files type
    - Note that the types partly overlap, e.g. *.txt is in "Text
      files" and in "Web/Office files".
    - Apart from "All types" all type filters will return only files,
      not directories.
    - Tip: To quickly list e.g. all Images simply select type "Image
      files" and leave the Name field empty.
    - You should really like this if you often work within certain
      file types because it dramatically increases the quality of your
      search results, resp. reduces the necessary effort to define a
      good search definition.

    - It is planned to make all Named Visual Filters available as
      User-Defined Type Filters!
    - Type filters might be added to the Quick Search syntax.
  • + Tweak to use DPI aware icon sizes on custom DPI settings. For example if you set DPI to 120 (125%) then the small icon size will be 22x22 under V/7 instead of the standard 16x16. DPI aware icon sizes are applied to Tree, List, and Catalog. To enable it do this:
    The tweak is only applied if you have XP or higher. But only for Vista or higher it can be recommended since the XP graphics engine lacks in this respect. Under the standard setting DPI=96 the tweak has no effect.
  • + Background Jobs: Added "Start Job Now" command to the context menu of each paused pending job -- a single click to start a particular job from a pending queue.
    The command is also available on the context menu of skipped jobs, so if you change your mind and want to do a skipped job you don't need to unskip it first. Simply click "Start Job Now". As a consequence the "Start the unskipped job now?" prompt after unskipping has been removed.
  • * List: Increased the space between icon and name by one pixel. Looks better.
  • * Background Jobs: Now when quitting XYplorer and there are pending jobs in the background queue you are prompted whether you really want to exit and purge the jobs.
    The queue is set to paused state while the prompt is up (so you have a fair change to purge the jobs by exiting the app).
  • * Toolbar Visual Filter: Displayed MRU enlarged to 16 items (was 10).
  • ! Tree: The context menu for shares did not feature "Create New Subfolder Here" and "Copy Path". Fixed.
  • ! Error "Access Denied" when browsing certain junctions (e.g. "My Documents\My Music\") under Vista/Win7. Fixed.
    Background: Vista/Win7 have hidden junctions, which have the same names as folder names had in XP. In file managers, these junctions are shown as hidden shortcuts, with File Folder properties, used, in part, to redirect XP program installations that rely on the old XP folder names and XP locations. If you try to browse them, you'll get an "Access Denied" error.