Saturday, May 22, 2010

v9.11.0004 - 2010-05-22 13:35

BETA versions are now only available for registered users.
Find the download link at the bottom of the License Lounge.

  • + List: Tweak to show folder counts (count of contained folders and files) in the Size column:
    Various formats can be selected through the value:
      0:                          = nothing
      1: [d:<folders>, f:<files>]
      2: [<items> item(s)]        = sum of folders + files
      3: [<files> file(s)]        = files only
    If enabled the size data are prefixed by the count data depending on the value of ShowFolderCounts. Note that all numbers refer to the contents of the whole branch, not just the next child level.
    Example for the Size column on ShowFolderCounts=1:
        [d:9, f:40] 5.713 KB
      [d:35, f:289] 3.811 KB
            [d:0, f:2] 60 KB
          [d:5, f:29] 285 KB
    The setting only takes effect when folder sizes are shown in the list. You cannot sort by these data. The tweak will be elevated to UI level if successful.
  • + Scripting got a new function.
      Name:   tweak
      Action: Tweaks an internal setting (a setting without config UI),
              and returns the old value.
      Syntax: tweak(key, [value])
        key:    name of the setting (identical to its INI key)
        value:  desired value of the setting;
                if missing then only the current value is returned
        return: the value before the tweak, resp. the current value
        //set ShowFolderCounts to 1:
        ::tweak("ShowFolderCounts", 1);
        //get ShowFolderCounts value:
        ::echo tweak("ShowFolderCounts");
        //get ShowFolderCounts value, and set it to 2:
        ::echo tweak("ShowFolderCounts", 2);
      - The list will be auto-updated to reflect the new setting.
      - The statusbar will display the key with its new value.
      - No restart is necessary (as was with the old way to tweak).
      - Currently ONLY "ShowFolderCounts" (see above) is supported. Of
        course, with time, many more tweaks will be added; maybe even a
        GUI so that this functionality can be accessed without
        resorting to scripting.
  • * List: When showing folder sizes, empty folders now display the label "[Empty]" in the Size column. Before they displayed "-" which lead to confusion among various users.
  • * Menu View | Current Tab | Set Home / Go Home: Now Visual Filter is part of the Home definition. So Going Home can mean that the Home Visual Filter is restored or that the current Visual Filter is removed. This is independent of the setting of Persist Visual Filters Across Folders.