Wednesday, May 19, 2010

v9.10.0025 - 2010-05-19 10:33

  • ! Error 10 fixed! Here's the story of Error 10:
    - The bad coding (and finally the fix) was done in the procedure
      formatting the captions for the Undo/Redo buttons' tooltip resp.
      items in the buttons' dropdown menu.
      It was done in v9.00.0205.
    - The error was raised in the procedure where the current action
      was added to the Undo/Redo queue.
    Conditions/Steps to reproduce the error (in versions before
    - Undo/Redo enabled.
    - The Undo/Redo queue is not yet full (i.e. < 100 items).
    - An action that's stored in the Undo/Redo queue involves rather
      long path/file names.
    - Within the current session you hover the Undo/Redo toolbar
      buttons, or use their dropdown, or show the Action Log. At least
      one caption in the dropdown should be shortened (using
    - The next action added to the Undo/Redo queue raises error 10.
  • ! Network on MiniTree: Since a couple of versions the network node would always show all servers instead of only the ones actually used. Fixed.
  • ! List: (Win7/64) Inline-rename good get caught in eternal loop when file to be renamed was in use. Fixed.
  • ! Preview: A file type excluded from text preview but included in Web/Office preview was not passed through as expected. Fixed.
  • ! Preview: "Preview Now" button did not work anymore for some versions. Fixed.
  • * Menu File | Preview: Now when a file in list is focused and selected but not the "current file" (not displayed in statusbar), the command will make it the "current file" and preview it. FYI, the state focused/selected/non-current can be caused e.g. by drag-selecting a focused file, or passively when copied files are selected-on-paste.