Friday, May 28, 2010

v9.11.0013 - 2010-05-28 10:54

BETA versions are now only available for registered users.
Find the download link at the bottom of the License Lounge.

  • + SCs copyto, moveto, backupto enhanced: The "source" argument now can point to the source control by setting it to ":list", ":tree", or ":catalog". This is a neat way to avoid the "focus list (tree, catalog);" line that was necessary in previous versions to ensure that the current list (tree, catalog) selections were taken; and, of course, it also avoids the undesired focus switch.
    So the "source" argument can now be used in three ways:
      [source] The items that will be copied or moved:
      (Empty) = selected items of the focused control (List, Tree,
      Item(s) = -separated list of items
      Control = selected items of the specified control
                format: ":list", ":tree", or ":catalog"
    //copy all selected list items to "C:\Temp"
      ::copyto "C:\Temp", ":list";
    //copy the selected tree item to "C:\Temp"
      ::copyto "C:\Temp", ":tree";
  • * SCs copyto, moveto, backupto: Additionally to the above these commands now *default* to the List as source control unless Tree or Catalog have the input focus. So now you can run this through the Address Bar:
      ::copyto "C:\Temp";
    and you won't meet the nagging message
      "Nothing selected, or what is selected cannot be copied."
    anymore if there are selections in the List.
  • + UDC: The above enhancements also apply to the "Source" argument of the Copy To, Move To, Backup To UDCs.
  • * List: Now, when retrieving the folder size fails, the size column shows [Access Denied], BUT ONLY when no bytes or counts were returned at all. If only any subfolder was denied access you will not see this in the list but will be shown the sums of bytes and counts that actually could be accessed.
  • * Info Panel Tabs: From now the tab style is controlled by the setting of Configuration | Tabs | Visual Style. However the IP tab style is overwritten by the TabIPVisualStyle tweak if it is set to 1 (Classic style).
  • ! Dropping images from Firefox 3.*: Some images were dropped with an HTM extension attached. Fixed.