Friday, May 7, 2010

v9.10.0002 - 2010-05-07 11:59

BETA versions are now only available for registered users.
Find the download link at the bottom of the License Lounge.

  • + Scripting commands enhanced:
      - setting, settingp
        New named argument "backgroundedfileops"
          value = OR-combined from the following values
             1 [x] Backup (currently unused; has yet to be coded)
             2 [x] Copy
             4 [x] Cross-volume move
             8 [ ] Intra-volume move (always parallel = not queued!)
            16 [ ] Delete            (always parallel = not queued!)
        ::setting "backgroundedfileops", 31; //= all fileops
  • + Menu Help: Added command "Various Information...". Pops up some contextual data. Identical to SC info which now has become obsolete.
  • + List | White Space Context Menu: Added command "New Folder" to the top, even with an icon. Just felt like doing something conventional and newbie hugging this morning. Note that you will not see this command if "Configuration | Advanced | Navigation commands in List context menu" is ON. A bit experimental still... I know.
  • * Right-Click Popup Menus: Now they are positioned 2 pixels to the right/bottom from the mouse pointer, which allows you -- without moving the mouse -- to click through to the background to make the menu disappear or trigger some other action. This affects almost all such menus in the program. An exception is the context menu of edit boxes which is controlled by Windows.
  • * Background Jobs Dialog: Reduced the relative time resolution from seconds to minutes. Less ticking, more peace of mind.
  • ! Fixed a bug in changing the view of background tabs via their context menu: their supposedly current view was falsely read from the current foreground tab.
  • ! Toolbar: Left-click dropdowns were not positioned below the button but right at the mouse pointer on a non-overflowing toolbar. Fixed.
  • ! Scripting: Scripts run through the address bar that resulted in closing the app (e.g.: #192;) generated error 91. Fixed.
  • ! XYcopy.exe: Stupid error message when you curiously tried to run it standalone. Fixed. Now you are politely informed that this will get you nowhere.
  • ! DPI aware icons: "Shared" overlays were blown up under Vista/Win7. Fixed.