Friday, May 14, 2010

v9.10.0014 - 2010-05-14 16:05

BETA versions are now only available for registered users.
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  • +++ Tree: Added new special folder (the actual caption depends on the current user name). Points to the current user's profile folder (CSIDL_PROFILE).
  • +++ Configuration General: Added toggles to make the three top special folder nodes in Tree optional:
      Show Desktop folder
      Show Documents folder
      Show User folder
    Defaults differ with OS:
    - On a fresh install you get this as default:
                            Vista/Win7   XP and earlier
      Show Desktop folder   -            +
      Show Documents folder -            +
      Show User folder      +            -
    - On upgrading you get this as default:
                            Vista/Win7   XP and earlier
      Show Desktop folder   +            +
      Show Documents folder +            +
      Show User folder      +            -

    - If such a node is hidden then special paths like "Desktop" will
      not work anymore in the special way but will be auto-resolved
      to their real file system path.
    - A Maxi Tree will be completely rebuilt after changes in these
      settings. So these are is rather set-and-forget kind of
      settings, nothing you switch on and off all the time.
    - The Mini Tree does not really care about these settings but
      shows and hides what you tell him to show and hide.
  • + Menu View | Show Items: Added "Show Junctions" (also available in Configuration | General). If unchecked then junctions are not shown. The factory default is unchecked. This command has mainly been added to get rid of the plethora of junctions in Win7.
  • * After studying the bizarre Win7 file system a bit more I had to change the way I handled the "Access Denied" issue on junctions like "My Documents\My Music\", which only exist to ensure compatibility to the old XP way which, for better or worse, has been turned upside down in Win7.
    The old way let to a number of problems and inconsistencies (files were shown but could not be accessed; icons in the address bar were missing; and others).
    The new way still avoids the "Access Denied" error, but when you want to go down to subfolders of the junction target, you will actually be transported to the junction target in the tree. In other words, Junctions like "My Documents\My Music\" will have no subfolders in tree even if their targets have subfolders. They are rather treated like links.
    The simple fact is that these old XP folders are not part of Win7 anymore. XYplorer will not fight very hard against Win7 to make them usable as if they still existed.
    Further Notes:
    - The above junction handling only concerns junctions on drive C:\
      and with the SYSTEM attribute set, on Vista or later.
    - Win7 Explorer does not show these junctions in his tree
      at all, even if you set all possible show-all settings.
  • + Scripting commands not documented in the help file:
      ::sysicons;   //show Icons in the System Image List
      ::sysicons 1; //show Icon Overlays
      ::env;        //show Environment Variables