Thursday, August 2, 2007

v6.10.0072 - 2007-08-02 17:41

  • + CKS: added new time-stamping commands to "Miscellaneous" under the new sub-category "Touch":
    - Set Modified Date to Now
    - Set Created Date to Now
    - Set Accessed Date to Now
    The commands are applied to all currently selected List items.
  • ! Menu View | Show Items | Show Folders in List: in Find mode, folders were not recursed when they were hidden by an unchecked "Show Folders in List". Fixed.
    The same bug was in effect for folders hidden by an unchecked "Show Hidden Files and Folders" and "Show System Files and Folders": they were not recursed if hidden. Fixed: now they are recursed and matching contents are displayed in the result listing even if the containing folders themselves are not displayed.
  • % Faster handling of attempts to browse to currently not available network locations.
  • ! Menu Edit | New | New Folder (Ctrl+N): list refresh after "New Folder" was too slow for fast typists. Fix attempt #2.
  • * Toolbar: redefined button "Show Hidden Items" to "Hide Folders in List". The context menu remains the same (just the default command changed). Note that the pressed button state means the folders are hidden. I found it more intuitive to have the normal state (folders shown) unpressed.
  • * Menu Go | Hotlist... (Ctrl+H): now the hotlist pops up at the current mouse position. Smoother workflow...