Sunday, August 26, 2007

v6.20.0008 - 2007-08-26 10:46

  • ! Rename Special / Set Extensions: did not work correctly when folders (which are never renamed by this function) were selected. Fixed.
  • * Rename Special: replaced the term "template" by "pattern".
  • % Rename Preview: loading and synchronized scrolling got faster.
  • * When trying open multiple items at once you now get a warning question if they are too many, for example:
    Continue to open 235 items at once?
    Too many is anything > 9.
  • + CKS: added new commands to "Miscellaneous":
    - Cycle Tabs Backward with Delayed Browsing (Ctrl+PageUp)
    - Cycle Tabs Forward with Delayed Browsing (Ctrl+PageDown)
    And, you guessed it, the recently changed commands (see v6.20.0002 - 22.08.07 07:56) are now reverted to what they have been before: tab cyclers without delay! Reason: give you the full control over the action. NOTE: You have to adjust you KS mapping if you are using these functions and you want the delayed versions.