Friday, August 31, 2007

v6.20.0012 - 2007-08-31 09:45

  • + When using "Cycle Tabs with Delayed Browsing" you now get the location of the selected (but not yet browsed) tab in the statusbar.
  • + Address Bar: now pressing ESC reverts the address back to before changes and selects it. It's the expected behavior.
  • * Address Bar: on a tab change, and when the Address Bar is focused, the contents are now selected with the cursor at the end of the selection.
  • ! With "Resort list immediately after rename" active, the list was not resorted when a newly created item (e.g. New Folder (Ctrl+N)) was not renamed. Fixed. Now the list is resorted after you accept (by pressing Enter) the default name of the new item.
  • * Rename Special: now blank values are explicitly disallowed (they never worked anyway) for "RegExp Rename", "Search and Replace", "Keep Particular Characters". ! Menu File | Rename Special | Preview All: checkmark was not always up-to-date. Fixed.
  • + Configuration | Preview: added "Rename Preview: Preview All".