Sunday, August 12, 2007

v6.10.0090 - 2007-08-12 10:39

  • +++ Catalog: You already could drag-drop files onto a Catalog item that is an application (*.exe) to have those dropped files opened with that application. Now there three more ways to achieve the same:
    (1) A new command in the catalog items' context menu called "Open Selected List Item(s)". It is only enabled if the item is an application. The currently selected list item(s) will be opened with that application item you right-clicked in the Catalog.
    (2) Ctrl+Shift+Click an application item. Note: The application will open minimized or in the background. This is not a feature but apparently a side-effect of something -- I was surprised by this but can't do anything about it.
    (3) Press Ctrl+Shift+Enter on the selected application item. This way, the application will open in the foreground.
    Note that this is effectively identical to the "Open With" command you known from Explorer's (resp. the Shell's) context menu, but with a reversed GUI: you have it in the ontext menu of the opening application rather than the opened files.
    The advantages:
    - Much easier and faster selection of the application.
    - 1-click-open any files with any application.
    - No need to change or look up the registry.
    It's the cool way to open with...
  • * Catalog: added a mouse-only way (without holding the ALT-key) to select a Catalog item without activating it, namely by clicking the 8 pixel wide area left of the item's icon. You have to be a good hitter, I know... :)