Friday, August 24, 2007

v6.20.0004 - 2007-08-24 12:45

  • +++ Rename Special: added a preview for all operations within Rename Special. The new "Preview Rename" dialog
    - shows the item names resulting from your rename template
    - points out two types of potential conflicts:
    - Dupes: duplicates among the new names
    - Exists: an item of the new name exists already
    - has a button to quickly go back to the template to make changes I find this new feature so important that I did not give you a way to turn it off! :)
  • + RegExp Rename: now you may use inline comments within your Regular Expressions. The comments are expected to have the general format (?#comment). XYplorer will remove those comments before passing the expression to the RegExp engine.
  • + List, showing Search Results: now you get in-place tooltips for the path column, i.e. cropped Paths are shown in a toolip. Needs to have "Show tips for clipped tree and list items" checked.
  • % Better thumbs management, especially notable when you do not use thumbs caching: Now you can switch between thumbs and non-thumbs without any re-reading/creating of thumbs happening, i.e. in a blink even in large folders. The last created thumbnails are kept in memory even if you change to another tab with a non-thumbs view mode and later return to the tab showing thumbs. In other words: even if you do not cache persistenly, the last thumbs are always kept ready.
  • ! The WordBreakStyle in some textboxes was set to "Path" (break words at "\:?") where it was not appropriate. Fixed.