Wednesday, August 22, 2007

v6.20.0002 - 2007-08-22 07:56

  • * Cycling tabs by keys: now browsing the selected tab (i.e. jump to tab's location in tree and then fill the list) is delayed until no key is pressed anymore. This allows fast uninterrupted cycling by keyboard. Works only, of course, if you use a keyboard shortcut that combines at last 2 keys, like e.g. the default Ctrl+Tab: hold Ctrl down while repeatedly pressing Tab... browsing will only happen when you finally release Ctrl.
  • ! Whenever using a keyboard shortcut containing the "Shift" key to change the view mode of a tab to 'list', 'details' etc., all tabs got changed to that mode, because holding Shift is also trick to apply a view mode to all tabs. Fixed. Now the holding Shift trick will only work in combination with mouse action.
  • ! App did not restart minimized to tray when minimized to tray after X close with "Minimize to tray on X close" checked. Fixed.
  • ! Reordered the tab headers' context menu so that Close Tab is the bottom entry.