Sunday, August 5, 2007

v6.10.0075 - 2007-08-05 10:14

(Will update this posting date to correct value after test of email completed)

  • + CKS: added new time-stamping command to 'Miscellaneous' under the sub-category 'Touch':
    - Set Modified Date to Created Date
    Sets the last modified date of each selected List item to the created date of that item.
  • * CKS: Locked the unshifted ESC key. This 'Stop' key should not be reassignable. It's too fundamental to be soft.
  • + INI Tweak: now you can have superfast thumbnail creation for *.gif files, too!
    There's a but: transparent pixels will be black. This blackness is due to a known GDI bug. If your GIFs are not transparent, or if you don't mind seeing some black pixels, then you can win a lot of time by using this tweak!
  • ! Generating thumbnails could crash when hitting a truncated GIF image file. Fixed.
  • ! With 'Show Folders in List' and 'Check existence of subfolders in tree' switched off, tree navigation did not work as it should. Fixed.
  • ! List: Rename edit box was not always closed when changing the View (Details, List, etc.). Fixed.