Sunday, September 9, 2007

v6.30.0004 - 2007-09-09 11:00

  • +++ Menu Help: Added "Tip of the Day" functionality (Shift+F1). Shows a random tip, usually a little usage hint or trick, ideally something you would not look for because you never thought it existed, or something you always tend to forget about. The aim is also to open up the richness of XYplorer to newbies.
    Optionally the tips can be auto-shown at startup. You may scroll through the tips by PageUp/PageDown keys. (This is actually one of the tips!) Right now there are only few Tips... there will be more soon, many more!
    All tips, and the HTML template used to display them, are contained in one file called "tipoftheday.htm". A new version of this file will be provided irregularly and can be downloaded from the website. If you don't have it now you *must* download it because it's not yet in the distribution package:
    You may edit this file to add your own tips. The syntax for the data is explained inside the file. Inside each tip all HTML tags are allowed (including links and references to remote resources). This, of course, means you can have the tips in your language! Simply translate them or have them translated.