Monday, September 24, 2007

v6.30.0028 - 2007-09-24 14:06

  • + Menu Tools | List Management: added "Highlighted Folders..." and "Boxed Branches...". Up to now there was no way to manage these lists so you'll likely find some orphaned entries in them. You now can edit the color values directly in the List Management interface - it is a little hardcore since you have to know Hex color coding (as in HTML: RRGGBB). Some day I might add a more luxury interface.
    NOTE: 000000 means "default color" (and NOT color "black"). So you cannot use black as a highlight color. While doing this I also rewrote the storage format for these two lists. I took care for backward compatibility, so everything should look and work as before. Nice side-effect: more speed, less memory. But you'll will not note any difference -- it's just a couple of micro-seconds and a handful of bytes.
  • ! Floppy drive type was displayed as "FloInch Floppy Drive" in list view. Also other drives' type labels did not match exactly what Explorer would show. Fixed: now you even get the drive types in the local system language.
  • ! Opening a command line start path in a new tab did not work anymore if an instance of XYplorer was already running. Fixed.
  • ! The Configuration dialog's new GUI did not work in 120 DPI. Fixed.
  • ! Tree and List: Didn't set the new focus correctly when leaving rename mode by clicking another item. Fixed.
  • + Tip of the Day: added Random button.
  • * Tip of the Day: If shown on startup then only if startup is not minimized.