Tuesday, September 18, 2007

v6.30.0019 - 2007-09-18 13:05

  • + In a near idiotic effort I finally managed what I wanted to do since a long time: paint my custom control borders the way it's done since Windows XP -- flat and blue (depending on your color theme). You can see my results in 2 lists where I turned the new look on as an example: the Configuration navigation list, and the first list on Configuration | Previewed Formats.
    Note: You won't see anything if you use "classic design" or an OS < XP.
  • Two questions: - Does it work? - Is it good?
  • ! Window did not restore to maximized after closed minimized. Fixed.
  • ! Find Files: Excluded Folders where not remembered -- neither tab- wise, nor with Search Templates. Fixed.
  • ! TitlebarTemplate: did lose leading and trailing spaces between sessions. Fixed.
  • * TitlebarTemplate: now it is allowed to being and/or end the template with <app>, without attaching an additional space.