Monday, September 10, 2007

v6.30.0007 - 2007-09-10 12:36

  • + The distribution package now includes the file "tipoftheday.htm",
    which contains the layout (HTML) and the tip data (proprietary
    format) for the "Tip of the Day" dialog. This file will be
    continuously updated. Do not change it manually.
  • * Tip of the Day: Slightly changed the tip syntax. There might be
    more changes coming in the next days, so it's too early for you to
    write your own tip collection (see below!). Later you can do so
    and try to sell it on the web... :)
  • + Menu Help | Tip of the Day...: You now can have another file
    called "tipoftheday_user.htm" along side "tipoftheday.htm". The
    idea is that you can collect and keep your own private custom tips
    in that file, without having them overwritten when the official
    file "tipoftheday.htm" is updated. When XYplorer finds and loads
    your custom tip file, the custom tips will be simply appended to
    the official tips (or, optionally, replace them... see below!).

    You may also design a custom layout for the tips using that file:
    If a file "tipoftheday_user.htm" exists in the application path,
    then it can (see below!) be used as HTML template for the Tips of
    the Day. Note, that you have to know and understand the basic
    format of "tipoftheday.htm" to create a working user tip file.

    Inside this user tip file you can make two decisions by placing
    certain keywords into the header section (anything before ###):
    (1) write "user only" (without quotes) in a separate line to use
    only the user tips in this file for the Tips of the Day
    (2) write "html" (without quotes) in a separate line to use this
    file as HTML template for the Tips of the Day

    If you do not use the "html" option, the user tip file can be
    stripped of all the HTML code and look very simple. Here's a mini-
    example of a working "tipoftheday_user.htm" which will *replace*
    the official tips (remove "user only" and it will be *added* to
    the official tips):
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    user only
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    :Statusbar:The information bar right below the file list.
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  • ! Menu File | Copy Here As: did not work in Tree inside Special
    folders (eg "Desktop"). Also the Tree was not always refreshed.