Thursday, September 13, 2007

v6.30.0009 - 2007-09-13 11:59

  • + Dbl-click on empty space goes up (or down when holding Shift) one level: now implemented for the tree's empty space, too.
  • + CKS: added new command to "Miscellaneous":
     - Optimize Tree
      Only expand the current path, collapse all other paths.
      Default KS: Shift+Numpad Divide
  • + Added "Optimize Tree" to the Tree folders' context menu, inside a new submenu "Expansion".
  • + Now holding Shift while selecting a menu item will open a location in a new tab in Breadcrumb, Hotlist, Drives, Favorite Folders, and Favorite Files menus.
  • + Configuration | File Info Tips: added yet another (super-)field to the bottom of the list: "Version Information". Shows the following six fields (if they exist) from the so-called "String Version Info", for example for XYplorer.exe:
      FileDescription: XYplorer
      FileVersion: 6.30.0008
      OriginalFilename: XYplorer.exe
      LegalCopyright: Copyright © 2000-07 by Donald Lessau
      Comments: A portable multi-tabbed file manager... (etc.)
  • * Hot scrolling (auto-scrolling when drag-hovering the upper or lower margins of a long list) now happens only when over the left third of the list. Before, it was the left half, but that was still too hot for me.
  • ! Raw View: Incorrect line parsing with ASCII-Mac/DOS files. Fixed.
  • * Rename Special: now, the default button is the "OK" button and it is triggered by Enter, as expected. To open the Rename Preview press Ctrl+Enter (Think: "Control"). In the Rename Preview, pressing Ctrl+Enter will bring you back to the edit pattern interface. In other words: while you hold Ctrl, no actual rename will happen via keyboard, but you jump back and forth between preview and edit interface.
  • * Catalog's Context Menu |Import as New Category Here|Current List:
    now this item is auto-renamed to "Selected List Item(s)" if there are any selections. Only if there are no items selected the whole list is imported and the item is aptly called "Current List".