Monday, September 17, 2007

v6.30.0018 - 2007-09-17 14:12

  • + Menu Edit | New Items: Now, date variables are supported.
    For example:
    1. Create a file named "Log {yyyy-mm-dd}.txt" in the NewItems folder in app path.
    2. Go to some other folder.
    3. Open menu Edit New Items and select the new item (which has been auto-added here magically)
    4. A file called "Log 2007-09-17.txt" will be created! (If today is 2007-09-17.)
  • + Configuration | General: added option "Show tips on startup" to
    this interface as well.
  • + Tip of the Day: some additional keyboard tricks. Overview:
    PageDown: next tip.
    PageUp: previous tip.
    Home: first tip.
    End: last tip.
    R: random tip.
  • + Configuration | Report: Now displays the current memory usage at the bottom. To update the value close and re-open Configuration. The values are identical to those shown in Task Manager.
  • + Configuration | Interface Colors: now you can control "Highlight focused item" also from here.
  • * TitlebarTemplate: in concordance with usage elsewhere in XY, I changed the brackets:
    Old: {path} - {app} @ {ini} - {ver}
    New: <path> - <app> @ <ini> - <ver>
    Forgot to mention what they mean:
    <path> = current path
    <app> = application's exe name
    <ini> = current INI file
    <ver> = exe version
  • ! RegExp Rename: RegExp inline comments containing the character ">" would not work. Fixed.
  • ! RegExp Rename: The preview button would disappear after a RegExp error message. Fixed.
  • ! Optimize Tree: did not refresh the tree display reliably. Fixed.