Saturday, September 15, 2007

v6.30.0012 - 2007-09-15 12:00

  • *** Configuration: Redesigned the interface. Instead of tabs (that typically run into out-of-space problems) the category selection now is done via a (scrollable, if longer) list.
    Tip: You can nonstop-cycle the list by up/down arrows.
    As you see, I'm still not done/happy with creating some icons.
    And, more importantly, the mountain of configuration options has still to be reorganized into subchapters. Which, sadly, will make rewriting of some parts of the documenation necessary.
    I also plan to add a "find-the-setting"-tool in form of a find-as-you-type technology.
  • * Configuration | Preview: renamed "Audio preview with panel down" to "Play with panel down" (just to save space).
  • + Configuration | Tabs: The delay before a dragged over tab is automatically selected is now configurable. You find this new option on the new Tabs tab. It is called: "Delay before a dragged over tab is auto-selected (in milliseconds)" Allowed values are from 0 to 9999.
    *** NOTE ***: I did not write backward-compatibility code, so this Value will be initialized to 0 (zero) on a non-fresh installation. If you want to have it as it was before then go to Configuration Tabs and set the value to 1000 (= 1 second)!
  • + The main window's titlebar now displays the app version.
    The form is: {path} - {app} @ {ini} - {ver}
    But read on...
  • + ... now you can tweak what's displayed in the titlebar.
    In the INI you'll find a new key:
    A full-blown example (and the new default!) would be:
      TitlebarTemplate={path} - {app} @ {ini} - {ver}
    There are two rules:
      - The presence of the field {app} is obligatory, AND it must be surrounded by spaces. This is necessary to correctly identify previous instances of the app with a good chance.
      - This feature is only available in a licensed copy. Else the default is used and "### 30-day Trial Version ###" is inserted into {ver}.
  • + From now on, fresh installations will come with some Default Color Filters. Works as a visual appetizer and as a practical example for how to do it. These are the pre-installed filters:
    They do not come activated though. I'm still unsure whether that might be a shock for newbies... ;)
  • + Highlight Focused Row now happens not only in Details view but in all other views as well. It actually should be called "Highlight Focused Item" because it's not only rows anymore. So:
     Renamed: "Highlight Focused Row" to "Highlight Focused Item"
    I recommend using this Highlighting because it tells you which item is focused even if the List is not the focused control (and hence has no focus rect).
  • + Added "Fully Collapse Drive" (Ctrl+Numpad Divide) to the Tree folders' context menu, inside the new submenu "Expansion". Also moved "Fully Expand" to the top position.
  • ! The tip for file Info did not appear if one of the 9 first fields (from "Name" to "Owner") was not checked. Fixed.
  • + Enhanced compatibility with Kontrast#1 (etc.) color schemes for visually impaired.
  • * Subtle changes in focus rect coloring...
  • ! Leading and trailing spaces were lost between sessions in Search & Replace (and a lot of other lists) because they were not passed quoted to INI file. Fixed.