Thursday, December 6, 2007

v6.60.0044 - 2007-12-06 14:00

  • +++ UDC: added new command category "New". XYplorer in a nutshell is: less clicks. And this new UDC category will spare you a bunch of clicks! It will inject unseen powers into the creation of new file and folder items. Welcome to the Uber-New! The rules are easy (see Tips button in UDC dialog) and the possibilities are many.
      - For example "Copy Here": A particularly interesting combination is to leave the Name field empty and define a Clone source. This will effectively result in a "Copy [item] Here" functionality, which can be very useful! E.g., as a web designer you always need a certain button graphics. You know where it is, but isn't it a pain to always browse there and get it. The "Copy Here" will simply fetch it for you at a single keystroke! It's like: Beam me down, Scotty!
      - Or state "<curitem>" (w/o quotes) as clone source. The currently selected List item will be duplicated in the current folder and named as you order.
  • * Configuration | Interface Colors. Instead of the "Reset Colors" button, whose function was unclear to many users, you now have an "Reset Colors..." button, which pops up a little menu that gives more and clearer options:
      - Reset Colors to Currently Active Values
      - Reset Colors to Factory Defaults
  • ! Drag'n'Drop from other app: mouse cursor was "Create Shortcut" rather than "Copy Here". Fixed.