Sunday, December 9, 2007

v6.60.0053 - 2007-12-09 17:42

  • +++ Added preview of *.dng files (Digital Negative). DNG is a RAW image format designed by Adobe Systems, and is based on the TIFF/EP format. The preview (preview tab and thumbnails in file list) makes use of any embedded TIFF thumbnails in your DNG files.
  • + CKS | Miscellaneous | Go To: added new command "Open Folder in New Tab". Exact behavior depends on circumstances:
    - Focus on List folder: open that folder in new tab.
    - Focus on List file: open file's folder, then focus file.
    - Focus on List no item: open current folder in new tab.
    - Focus on Tree: open current folder in new tab.
    Note that the focused item must be selected, too. Works in Browse and Find mode (i.e. on Search Results).
  • +++ UDC | New: added support for some very useful (and partly new!) variables in the Name field. Examples:
      - If the currently focused file is E:\Pics\ChristinaAguilera.jpg, dated 20070602:
    Name field:               New empty file created:
    <curfolder>.txt           Pics.txt
    <curtitle>.txt            ChristinaAguilera.jpg.txt
    <curbase>.txt             ChristinaAguilera.txt
    <curbase>-<curext>.txt    ChristinaAguilera-jpg.txt
    <curbase>-<myyyymmdd>.txt ChristinaAguilera-20070602.txt
    <curbase>-<dyyyymmdd>.txt ChristinaAguilera-20071209.txt
       - The new variable will extract the version number of the current file (if it has one). If the currently focused file is E:\XYplorer.exe, v6.60.0053:
    <curbase>_<curver>.txt    XYplorer_6.60.0053.txt
       - If you set the Clone field to <curitem>, you can emulate the behavior of "Copy Here With Suffix Date Modified" (see below). You can also do something new now: "Copy Here With Suffix Version" -- very useful if you ask me!
    Name field:                    New clone created:
    <curbase>_<myyyymmdd>.<curext> XYplorer_20071207.exe
    <curbase>_<curver>.<curext>    XYplorer_6.60.0045.exe
  • + UDC | New: now the Clone source supports portability, i.e. it can be stated relative to app path and drive. See Portable File Associations for syntax.