Saturday, December 22, 2007

v6.70.0005 - 2007-12-22 20:36

  • + List: added functionality to jump to the target of *.LNK files (aka Shortcuts). You find it in the context menu of List items (if the focused item is a shortcut). The target is displayed in the status bar when hovering the menu command. You also find a new command in CKS | Miscellaneous | Go To: Go to Shortcut Target.
  • + Configuration | File Info Tips: added yet another extra field to the bottom of the list: "Target". Shows the target of *.LNK files (aka Shortcuts).
  • + Catalog: now when expanding a Category node, the Catalog is auto-scrolled to a position where as many childs as possible of that Category are visible.
  • ! Info Panel | Find Files | Excluded Folders: the Excluded Folders list was not fully displayed on startup under certain circumstances since a couple of weeks. Fixed.